There are a number of natural solutions for treating sciatica on your own:

  • Trigger Point Massage Therapy – You can administer this type of massage yourself if your hands are able to reach the affected area. A hand-held massager or a massage chair would work best. Or, if you are able to enlist the help of a partner who can administer the massage on you, this might work best. Either way will work.
  • Acupressure therapy – This approach is similar to trigger point massage therapy. The main difference is that instead of using massaging motions, you apply static pressure to specific points on your body. You should be able to perform this on your own. But if you are unable to do it effectively, you can always enlist the help of a partner who can perform these techniques on you.
  • Low impact aerobic exercise – Contrary to conventional wisdom, the last thing you want to do when you suffer from sciatica is to just lie down or sit down, dormant. Getting up, going outside, and getting some exercise is better for you. Performing low-impact aerobic exercise can go a long way in helping to flex the muscles in the region that are impacting the sciatic nerve. Even the simple act of going for a walk around the block can make all the difference in treating sciatica. Or, if you think you can muster the strength to do so, you could also go for a light swim as well.
  • Stretching exercises – One of the single most effective ways to relieve some of the tension in the muscles surrounding the sciatic nerve is to perform a set of very specific, targeted stretching exercises. This will limber up the muscles and tendons in the region, freeing up the sciatic nerve.
  • Diet – Maintaining a proper diet is perhaps one of the most important, yet it is the most often neglected and overlooked, of the natural solutions for treating sciatica. While the diet itself can’t move your muscles or stretch them, your diet directly affects the ability for your sciatic nerve and for your surrounding muscle tissue to heal and regenerate properly. This is an important aspect of the healing process, in order for you to resume normal bodily function after curing sciatica.